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As an original supporter of both the kick-starter campaign and Indiegogo campaign for SGLT to support the artists involved, I do find it insulting that Delicious orange has yet to deliver many paying backers anything while not responding to anyone yet is happy to sell (i'm assuming sell as you mentioned commission) them to yourself , Dont get me wrong I think your animations are slick and fluid and I am in no way boycotting yourself, I am merely dropping a note here for people to be wary of DeliciousOrange, I noticed that the hyperlink to the patreon doesnt seem to work either, possibly someone has already reported him?.

At least its nice to see that the artwork is getting some use at least and hopefully Ian gets round to sorting his end of the deal out for all the people who have been waiting nearly 3 years.

solid animation and nice ideas.

It's true, every word of it is true... *wipes tear from eye* I was there...

Yeah i call BS on this. I dont know what your drawing over but you are basicly drawing over another picture, this really isnt going to help anyone nor is it entertaining to watch. i really dont see the point in this. (half star for the random anime girl drawing bottom right)

lamgelus responds:

hello... mmm i use one picture of my cousin , she want a draw of her and his favorite pokemon... sorry for annoy you with my art... i will improve in the future if you want to check my latest work, please follow me, thanks for your comment

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Frustrating, realistically the options laid out forced you to max out certain skills and completely ignore the others. Infiltration needs to be maxed out from the start regardless what route you take, combat and perception are also maxed early followed by athletics, then guns get the remaining points to end off at 5.

I managed to get to mission 6 before realising there was a re roll button which helped somewhat with the frustration levels caused by restarting multiple times due to duff rolls when "you need a 4 or higher" and use up two re rolls.

I would have preferred it if there was more options like Julian724 said as it forces you to use skills you may have never intended to use.

I found electronics, explosives, mechanics and sniper pointless skills as the "main route" never really needs them at all. you can make it from start to finish with only doing one mechanics check and even if you fail it doesn't affect the game (don't know if that was intentional)

Its a luck based game and would be more enjoyable with more options focusing on choices you think your skills would be good at rather than having to play a certain way the game forces you to.

and finally i think if you failed some rolls it should allow you to try different things, i know there was some aspects of this (like dodging bullets and trying again) but I think it would have been better if you did it more often especially at the start of missions as there was a lot of "mission start - make this roll... failed? well you lose"

Overall a frustrating time waster but could be made enjoyable with maybe a skill tree system that unlocks options rather then randomised rolling. but that's just me.

If you are intrested in my route, it was
(Go inside - 4+ inf) (4+ inf - gun down (12+) *if failed roll dodge and then try on 13+) (crowd shot 12+ guns) (6+ Inf) - (3+ Per - 3+ com) (7+ per (sneak) 6+ Inf, 2+ ath) (16+ electronics *that i fail*, 8+ inf, 2+ ath, 7+ Inf, (climb) 4+ ath, 7+ inf, 2+ com, 6+ inf) (10+ inf (follow) 10+inf, 5+ guns)

as you can see that's 10 rolls on infiltration (most of which can't be avoided) 3/4 guns, 3/4 athletics, 2 combat, 2 perception. If you want to do something like this again I would strongly recommend giving the player more control even if it means more work for yourself making it.

Blobzone responds:

Hey there,

i dont even disagree with you :)

The planning of the game was kinda a distaster though (using this as a excuse)!!!

After i finished it I even noticed some of the things you mentioned (but try changing that without starting the game from the beginning)

The skill tree system sounds interesting, but hmm i tried to do it a bit more pen&paper like.
I think the dice-rolling is an essential part of that.

I mean, have you ever played a real pen&paper session? Although you have a good character it still can happen that you have like 3 miss rolls in a row, etc.

Well, whatever, thanks for playing and the thoughtful review.


Love the game, once you get a hang of it's really not that hard, it just comes down to map memory and timing mostly (1,2,3 for spikes) the gems were fun to hunt down and the map construction was good. I loved how the different modes allowed you to replay levels again without feeling like they were just been churned and reused.

Looking at the other comments I see you need to put a code in to attempt the lava medal but have tried in multiple places in the game to input the code yet have failed to achieve anything. I originally thought you had "10 lives" meaning you could only touch the ground 9 times to complete the first 5 levels... I managed to do this (by jumping before the round started) but it seems it wasn't clear to me that I had to go about it another way. any chance you could make it clearer what to do with that?

I found the time trail bear the easiest as I had already completed the maps and the shadow bear just floated around behind me for most of them. the best order to complete medals would to leave the no checkpoints till last as you then have a very good understanding of the mechanics of the games and map layout and could do most levels without even dying on the first try.

I don't know if it was just me but i found sometime the up/down keys (and rarely the side keys) to not respond so i would have to triple tap them to make sure i dropped down a platform or jet packed as multiple times It didn't follow through with my input and ended up sawed in half or spiked. Don't know if thats an issue for most people but it's something I had to deal with.

10/10 would bear again

MadNukin responds:

I never had a complaint about the buttons not responding. I'm trying to figure it out but I can't seem to find any issues with the code. About the floor is lava medal, use the konami code on the main menu, don't use A and B, but Z and X.

Nicely done everyone! Happy Picoday 2015!

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Pretty cool, reminds me of stranger things with that eerie vibe and 80's synths

Mich responds:

Thanks! I've been hearing good stuff about Stranger Things' music, I still need to check it out. :)

EDIT: holy shit I'm now obsessed with Stranger Things.

Really nice, nice and smooth, not over done with the Christmas jingles, loops cleanly and something you wouldn't mute because it doesn't get annoying!

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 5/5

lol what happened...

seriously.... that was some poor voice acting... its nice to know you have improved since 2 years ago... for future reference... possibly some background music...

also...1:20.... is that a muppet voice?

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I really want to love this piece but I just can't... the lighting seems to be all over the place from the drop shadows and hair highlights, proportions seem wrong, like her chest is oddly shaped but mostly the fact her waist is front facing, her legs are twisted and her head comes back on itself. I understand you have purposely hidden the hands but the clothing doesn't make sense and the background is a bit too much going on and really takes away from the main focus.

I think it's cute, lovely bold colour pallet and clean design. Just need to remember that when you are working with only a few lines, the key is to get them right.

Looking forward to seeing your style develop

Peacegirllisa responds:


Thank you for the advice, I am sure I will always improve in the future.
But for now, I am fine with how I drew her ^^

Glad to see someone took up the idea of turning the world into a clock face. But you took it a step further with adding the face and all the little bits and pieces dotted around. Really well done. The theme comes across strongly and style shines through.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Thanks. Looking forward to some awesome entries!

Love how you have done everything in this. The water is great the lighting is smooth and the pose is suggests movement and form. Love how you got the hair interacting with the water, not sure if intentional but looks fab. Love the colour choice as well.

Coolkitten13 responds:

Gee, thanks! I appreciate the review.

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