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Entry #6

A few notes...

2009-05-20 11:11:07 by LegolaSS

Start Sabatastic's model
Start bizarrojo'e model
Start M-Veros model
Start Jonny-13's model

Epic thread!

Have you played Time Fcuk? do you think the game is easy?... try some of mine!
2890 - nightmare
3108 - nightmare2
3133 - nightmare3

Favourt artists

Cool artists (in no order)

Things im currently working on
---------Fourm stuff
Art portals Q&A thread
Art portal patrol
Level collab *Progress*
won the 2010 raffy comp!



NG log medal page
Went to the Uk Fling :3
UK NG meetup page 2009
UK NG Meetup page 2012

PS: here is Leg-tastic... something the lovely sabtastic is doing... check out her profile *its like in my fav artist area... :3

I wonder what this link is for?

also making this!

A few notes...


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2009-05-20 12:45:30

which medals do you still need for seed of destruction?
i might be able to help (also still need 2 medals (pancake + illiterate) on it, but the only one that seems pretty impossible is the 100 pancake score)

LegolaSS responds:

the pancake one and illiterate one... the illiterate one is bugged and the pancake one seems to be possible... athough no one who has it has yet to say how they did it... at the moment im still weary of how they got it... Ciao


2009-05-22 09:19:58

I wish you luck on your journe and cool off man your going to go fucking insane.

LegolaSS responds:

to late man!.... im already insane!!!

GAHHHH!!!! *explodes*


2009-05-25 08:44:48

Hey I already seen some of your drawings that you've started from a few days back and well you've got some great looking credentials man , I wish I could draw that good.
All of these projects you listed up at the moment ,Are you doing them as part of a compition?

LegolaSS responds:

thank you for you views on my drawings... some better then others due to the time spent on them... anway... the medals are there as something i do in my spare time (if i have any)... i have a list of fav artists just as a quick reference to check up on them... i have a list of things im working on from the sketch book tour to the notepad tour... these are more of a collab then anything... however i have entered compitions on ng's... and am planning on going for the munny one luis does... it should be sometime in the summer hopefully... and finaly a list full of targets im aimming to get... :3.... Ciao


2009-05-26 07:53:50

Have you tried getting the literate medals in a completely different area? Digdogy said that he got it when he was on his computer at work. It might work.

LegolaSS responds:

yes i have already tried to get it useing a different computer... the game links to your profile name... thus meaning you can not obtain it once you have already lost your chance to get both... to get both you require to open the game for the first time for that user... then do the intro at the same time, otherwise it will log one but not the other... Ciao


2009-05-29 10:35:41

damn i have like 92 achievements and i didnt get my medal : /

LegolaSS responds:

strange... you might not have the updated version... play it again and see if it works... otherwise get all 100 then restart it and get 75... that should work... Ciao


2009-06-01 22:59:32

I enjoyed being ahead of you on the medal points for that very short time. I swear i'll pass you again one day.

LegolaSS responds:

most likey look forward to it.... means i can catch back up again :3...
nearly finished with sonny 2... doing it all in one run... *with help from a walkthrough*... TBC RPG arnt really my strong point :)... Ciao


2009-06-09 12:23:04


LegolaSS responds:



2009-06-18 16:36:16

Nice paint job. I remember I tried painting some tyranids and it was so hard

LegolaSS responds:

Painting Models is alot harder then you would think... it takes alot of time and skill... that one took me over 4 to 5 hours to do... and its a tiny model... i had to build it, file it, glue, base coat, base, paint and then finish it off with another few painted touches which i thought were cool... i currently have a 5k deamon army and bits and pieces of others... im more of a painter then a player myself :P


2009-06-19 11:53:23

i love it its awesome i collect the space marines to but there no way as good as this!!

LegolaSS responds:

thats most likey beacuse iv been doing it alot longer then you :3


2009-06-24 22:59:37

=O thats a really cool figure! how big is it? can i get one? nice paint job, especially if its tiny

(Updated ) LegolaSS responds:

its a model from Games workshop... its a space marine commander... i have alot more painted like this including a dreadnought (like a big mech)... each one takes 4-5 hours to paint beacuse i do them rather detailed... still isnt as good as i would have liked though... i need to put something next to them to show scale... :P... i put it inside a tin lid and took a picture... you can see the dust particals on the base :3


2009-06-28 12:30:34

I have forgot to mention this on my last post but you sure do have a lot of goals going on your list ,You must really like to feel alot of accomplishment.

LegolaSS responds:

not really... if i set out a goal im more likely to do it... otherwise i forget about it... i enjoy been part off newgrounds and set little milestones :3


2009-06-30 15:46:42

Mother fucking Space Marines for the win!!


LegolaSS responds:

im a deamon player myself... i just wanted to paint up some marines beacuse i like the colour blue... :3... its a nice change from all the fire and warped bodies i normaly paint...


2009-07-03 06:52:19

warhammer is the best tabletop game ever..period btw there makeing a blood game for pc,xbob,ps3 :D

LegolaSS responds:

blood?... as in the anime "blood" / turned into a most likey lame ass movie about the same thing but no where near as good?...

also warhammer is ok... i played with over 170,000 points at my local game club... we broke the world record... how ever it wasnt much fun to play.. game turns were limited to 15 mins per phase... i only brought up 5k+ to play with... deamons suck in such a big game... im currently enjoying painting and remodling anima tatics models... :3


2009-07-03 12:02:25

i almost got into a game where you had to panit figures and vehicals and use them in war dont know hwat its called but nicely done

LegolaSS responds:

thers lots of systems... so i dont know which one.. void?... 40k?... battle tech!?... who knows... but yeah, iv been doing it for a bit now and i would say im getting alot better... athough im not at the standard i want to be :(


2009-07-04 21:33:04

Well done on the notebook collab stuffs

LegolaSS responds:

why thank you :3


2009-07-07 12:29:18

Warhammer and anime? Huh...

LegolaSS responds:

nothing wrong with it is there?... i enoying painted warhammer / models and drawing doodles and stuff... some might say im good at it :P...


2009-07-07 14:29:11

That Spacemarine looks great! i was always fascintaed about much detail goes into painting those small figures. i used to paint Warhammer figures but i dont think i would of been able to do all the detail like you did. how long did it take you?

LegolaSS responds:

iv painted nearly every model from every type of table top game... :3
that one took 4-5 hours to do... i currently have a handfull painted up in the same quality... currently working on a dreadnaught to go with them... but thats taking forever :S


2009-07-09 05:31:44

I played warhammer...a long time ago.

LegolaSS responds:

has this turned into a warhammer discusion!?... i enjoy painting... not so much the playing... takes to long... i like quick and funny games... like magic the gathering... >:3


2009-07-14 08:11:42

Your west midlands! I'm at wolves uni in 6 weeks. Huzzah!

LegolaSS responds:

WOAH which one?... the one in the city center or the one over in telford?... you gota let me know your only 30 mins drive away from me either way :P


2009-07-15 01:45:57

oh hi your one of my fav authors i came by to say hi srry gotta go!

LegolaSS responds:

why thank you... i dont think anyone has said that before :P... so hello :3


2009-07-19 08:46:58

Awesome Ultramarine!
Albeit i´m a Tyranid/Black Templar player, it´s a very impressive paintjob...

LegolaSS responds:

Im trying to get the time to make up a small 1k force of them... at the moment im busy with newgrounds and other things... :S... thanks for the comment :3


2009-07-20 16:08:35

I'm on North Road Campus, which is the Wolves City campus I believe! Right near the Wolves football ground.

TurkeyonaStick is gonna pop down on occasion to see me no doubt. We'll need to arrange a Mini Unofficial West Midlands NG Art Forum Meet. :3

LegolaSS responds:

turkeyonastick is in the westmids as well!?... wow!... hope you do... il be able to drive over to you its only a 30 min drive... and i know where it is... its the most uglyest building in the world... and its right next to the crossroads and city center... the football ground is just across the street... so yeah.... il be more then happy to pop down :D


2009-07-23 20:08:33

Nice Art

LegolaSS responds:

why thanks... athough theres alot better art in the portal then mine :S


2009-08-05 08:36:26

Am I a cool user to you?

LegolaSS responds:

seen as i have never looked at your userpage before now... most likey not... cool users list is very short because it hasnt been worked on very much... mabey in the future you will be... :3


2009-08-06 18:33:34

sweet space marine, I wish i could paint half as good as that, although i dont like the Ultramarines

LegolaSS responds:

im currently working on a small force around 1500 points worth... and they all will be painted like that or better... i only started ultra's beacuse i had some around... im a deamon player / elf player at heart... and have 8k deamons easy... my painting has improved alot and im currently working on some pro painted models :3


2009-08-13 07:28:16

WARHAMMER !!fawoihfowia

LegolaSS responds:

yes... indeed it is... well done :P


2009-08-16 15:39:56

shut up, legolass.


LegolaSS responds:

shhhhh your making to much noise...



2009-08-17 13:47:53

You are a bastard, legolass.


LegolaSS responds:

how rude


2009-08-19 08:05:41

Yeah,CypressDahlia is a really cool guy.

LegolaSS responds:

im glad you agree... arnt you working on some sort of doubles thing in the art fourm?... hows the never ending thread doing as well... im sure i saw some off your artwork in that one...


2009-08-21 00:21:24

I dont have a clue about warhammer, but the figure you have painted looks spot on! You always seem like such a polite guy, I wouldnt have expected that page header of you ;)

LegolaSS responds:

why not... my girlfriend dosent aprove though... :(... i try to help out where i can and you seem to have gotten a good grasp of the art portal... i dont think iv seen many pictures without your comments on... keep up the good work :3


2009-08-22 19:29:34

Legolas where are you!? We must protect Gondor.

LegolaSS responds:

Gondor has fallen to the clock crew... the elves now hold the art portal... mount flash portal is for ever looming over us... as well as the eye of some mod... but alas the king shall return to be king of the portal!... for it shall never be the dark lord strawberry clock!... the Wi/Ht elfs fight on to claim another fourm for the greater good of statwhoring... the medal system will not faulter!... but i shall stand along side you ingenousCheese... *horn sounds*.... that is no clock horn.... (open the portal save gates)....


2009-08-26 16:04:16

sorry bout that caps was on XD

LegolaSS responds:

i dont.. thats why i have a list of it :3


2009-08-26 22:10:59

That wasn´t Gondor. Made me laugh but not like this a-Z8U

LegolaSS responds:

i know its not gondor... gondor has already fallen into darkness... and i already know of the hobbits taken to isengard mix... have you seen samwise doing his potato mix?... anway... i shall return to the front lines of the portal and await the flood of the unworhty to slain!... to battle!!!...

(blam blam save blam save save blam)


2009-08-27 09:40:16

space marines are for chumps
skaven's where its at.

'tho I envy that you've done a cracking job with your guy there, whilst mine are still nude :/

LegolaSS responds:

hey... i do deamons *i should post a picture of one of them up.. might get more comments :P*... skaven shoot each other... they are fun though :3... just playing around with how well i can paint stuff really... :3


2009-08-27 12:19:51

I picked Dark Eldar during my 40k phase. God they sucked.

Who's gonna be in Wolverhampton in 4 days? Me baby!

We'll have to arrange those drinks soonish :D

LegolaSS responds:

let me know where and when... i should be able to make it down :3... only 30mins away


2009-08-29 19:47:56

Save save blam save blam save blam blam. Now I´m Portal Security.
Blam blam blam blam blam on Clock Day.

LegolaSS responds:

you are a very crazy person... and on clock day its save... there is nothing you can do but let the tide of darkens through...


2009-09-01 22:54:19

Yes they say me that all the time.

LegolaSS responds:

art thou suprised?... i humbly think you not!... come forth with news of greatness to your warriors... you inspire nobody with your talk of mer mockery... for now we rest untill the darkness arises once more... for let no flash animation walk a safe path through the portal... now.. i must go back to the Wi/Ht elves to see what news there is on the vine...


2009-09-02 05:52:00

How is knightfall (or shall l say knightfail?) good?That game sucks donkey balls!

LegolaSS responds:

i havent played it yet... thus why it states unplayed :P... it will move from good to ugly if its a naff game untill i have all the medals for it... then it will be removed from teh list alltogether.. ALL TEH MEDALS!!!


2009-09-02 05:53:32

Also, how the hell can you build a figurine army if each of the space marines takes 7 hours?FFS...

LegolaSS responds:

iv already built it... it just needs painting :3...

with alot of time and devotion... i only have 20 more guys to paint... and three heavytank like things... and a dreadnought... so yeah... im working on my legolaSS army first... you know... with legolas and some elves in it...


2009-09-02 16:48:27

You're a pretty great reviewer man. I see your reviews and everyone loves them. I see you make some art yourself. Pretty nice. A bit too many naked women you're focusing on though. I'd love to see you do a Warhammer related thing. That would be AWESOME.

(Updated ) LegolaSS responds:

why thank you... *bragging alert* i did A level art so i know a bit about artwork and artists styles and stuff... i try to help out as much as i can giving comments on what to improve... how to improve... where to go next... ideas and new routes... of course i tend to just pick out the odd artist every now and again i see who is on the right path but just a bit lost or confused... needing some guidence... and i make art beacuse i enjoy doing it... relaxing and alows me to create stuff... and who doesnt like women?... women are one of the hardest things to draw (athough i think horses are) beacuse they are curvy and sexual and getting the right balance of natural looks and charm is hard to transfer to paper... i might do some warhammer stuff as i have seen a few people posting them... but im a tad busy with the art fourms and all the nice shiney collabs and comps thats going on.... :3


2009-09-05 08:16:22

Make a new list that just says 'bastard' and me on. ONLY ME NO-ONE ELSE

LegolaSS responds:

why do you wish to be classed as a "bastard" for?... i do not think of you as such... i hold no grudge against any user... so no such list will ever exist...


2009-09-07 08:10:03


LegolaSS responds:

Ciao for now


2009-09-08 04:42:34


You's a tit, you is.

LegolaSS responds:

i am responsable for my own actions... and i asume you are as well... why bombard me with such rude comments when they will get you no where?... if you would be so kind to inform me why you act in such a way, then i will understand why you do what you do... also work on your english... i know mine is not a shining example but at least i am able to manage simple structures... ;)


2009-09-10 18:21:25

hey legolass can u scout me for the art portal?

LegolaSS responds:

most likey not... first of all.. you dont have any art in the art portal... 2nd of all... it was most likey removed for some reason for example... stolen or rubbish...


2009-09-12 15:43:36

Whether I choose to structure my words in a way that would please the humourless twats of newgrounds, or in a manner that I enjoy using, the plain and simple fact is that you are, and will forever be, a tit.

You's a tit, you is.

LegolaSS responds:

so be it...


2009-09-16 20:02:27

damn that ultramarines sergeant is AMAZING! is he yours?

oh and nice artwork ^^

LegolaSS responds:

just wait till i post the rhino im pro painting :3


2009-09-16 20:02:58

lol I missed the part where you explained it as your model XD

LegolaSS responds:

its good to read isnt it :P


2009-09-17 15:43:20

Of COURSE I remember your project! C:
..How's it coming?

I didn't want to nag you about it - because that usually deterrs me from working on projects - when people constantly check up on it.

Is it going to be Warhammer 40,000 model scale?

LegolaSS responds:

nah... i want to make it something like 10th scale instead of the 24 scale 40k is... so its going to be around the same size as your picture... :3... also i should be able to put the same level of detail onto it as well... going to cost me a fair bit but hey... im up for the challenge... nice to hear back from you... :3

at the moment im still obtaining greenstuff (fine modling stuff) some more rougher modling stuff (cant recall name as of this moment) and im doing rough sketchs and dimentions for it... i have the base already worked out and have everything i need for it... now all i need now is alot of time... and a tad of money... il let you know when i get to a milestone with it :D


2009-09-19 06:51:23

hey, nice art works .. i wish i would have some good ideas for
drawin's like you hav :p .. well nice picture of warhammer 4000 ..
i painted em my self a while :p liked the smell of the glue :DD

add me to listy thiny :---3

LegolaSS responds:

thanks... you know alot of people seem to like the smell of the glue... isnt not good for you!... and il add you to my list if i thought you were worthy of been on it...


2009-09-21 18:56:06

hey I'm thinking of starting an IG what do you think about it?

LegolaSS responds:

what is an IG?... then i can tell you my thoughts :P